About Cleanroom Inc

Founded in 2002, Cleanroom is a design-driven office that delivers exciting and bold design solutions with the attitude that there is no separation between design and marketing in the built environment. Our work is founded on the belief that a clear strong design concept is the greatest organizer and motivator for all participants in a project – bringing clarity and strength to our work, and prosperity and delight to our clients.

Cleanroom’s rigorous design process is intelligent and effective.

Our professional services offer a unique and creative combination of conceptual planning, analysis, 3d visualization, architectural design, construction documents, and management services, delivered by a group of intelligent, talented and experienced people. Our team of interdisciplinary designers possess a cutting edge design sensibility determined build a transformative architectural DNA for each project.

The built work that Cleanroom produces aims to bring a single lasting physical identity to the brand/business/projects we work with.  The company is driven by a determination to impact the world on many levels – by making positive indelible impressions and through an obligation to bring success to businesses and to individuals in diverse industries such as fashion, restaurants, hospitality, retail and commercial projects.

As a philosophy Cleanroom pushes the design process to ambitious levels – leading the way to progressive built environments and elevated levels of experience.

Cleanroom Inc,

Contact us at: Info@scale1to1.com Phone 213-915-488

Design Team:

David Winston, Principal/Director

Cleanroom Inc